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Song House (Canada): Music

Sweeter than Pie

(Jennifer Noble & Kevin So & Howie Moscovitch)
(c) 2013 Annette Barkley, Jennifer Noble
Annette (Nettie) loves pie - she bakes them, wants to open a pie shop, her band is called "The Nashville Pieholes". I had written her an excited text-to-landline message saying "I just co-wrote a song called "A Little at a Time!". The first thing she said when we got into our writing room was "Oh, I wish I'd written that title - Sweeter than Pie" and I said "what are you talking about?" she said - "the message - the song - Sweeter than Pie" - "no", I said, "it was called A Little at a Time - So let's write Sweeter Than Pie right now!"
Sweeter Than Pie © Annette Barkley & Jennifer Noble 2013

M Sometimes I’m a little bit flakey
F (Aw) But that’s alright with me
M Been known to be fresh and tender
F That’s the way I like ‘em to be

M We’ve all got handed-down secrets
F My granny gave me mine
M Ooh (just) give me one juicy tidbit
F O-ver my – Key Limes

M Succulent Peach – F Coconut Cream
M Chocolate Pecan – F Raspberry dreams
Cake may be tasty
But we tell no lies
Our live is sweeter
Sweeter Than Pie

M Your lips are riper than cherries (BING!)
F Your touch is decadent
M Your eyes like blue-blueberries
F I’m not giving up just yet

F The secret’s in the pastry
M Roll me like a ball
F Preheat my brand-new oven
M I can’t speak – at all

F Pucker-up lemon – M Strawberry’s nice
BOTH Apple & cinnamon - Pumpkin & spice
Cake may be tasty
But we tell no lies
Our live is sweeter
Sweeter Than Pie

BRIDGE (Together)
We’re not talkin’ bout chicken pot pie here
We’re not talkin’ ‘bout quiche Lorraine
What I’m talkin’ ‘bout
What she’s talkin’ ‘bout
What we’re talkin’ bout ….. PIE!

M Bumbleberry F Chess, make your move
M Caramel F butterscotch BOTH Creamy and Smooth