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A Little at a Time

(Jennifer Noble, Howie Moscovitch)
(c) 2013 Jan Buckingham, Howie Moscovitch, Jennifer Noble
Jan Buckingham is a Nashville songwriter, Howie Moscovitch is my longtime writing partner now living in Nashville. Written in October, 2013 at Jan's place.
She moved to town in spring - It took him weeks to finally say hello
She couldn't hide her smile and laughed - Their hearts beat oh so fast
So hard to take it slow....
Berries bloomed and swelled - The cherries blossoms danced and flew and fell
They bathed in summer's heat - They traded tastes so pure and sweet
They couldn't help themselves...
CHORUS: A little at time - They'll sip the perfect wine
Slow and steady til they're ready - The best things ripen on the vine
A little at a time
There came a little rain - Seeds they planted struggled in the weeds
Until the sun came out again - They worked hard at staying friends
They had to wait and see...